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Every Saturday                   9-5pm
Broadway Market                     E8 4PH

We are excited to let you know that we have a permanent place at Broadway market. 

Located in Hackney, Broadway market has a community vibe where you can enjoy great food, unique items and of course our quality vegan skin care products.

27/8/2022                          11-6pm
Bohemia Market                       E8 1DU
Black Eats LDN                

Carnival Special!!

Come down and shop from over 30+ different black owned businesses. We will be trading on Saturday are excited to share our products with you. 

Don't miss out on carnival dancers, steel band, live DJ's and amazing street food. 


Bring your camera to take Instagram worthy pics, tag us too!

31/7/2022                          11-6pm
Bohemia Place Market            E8 1DU 

Summer is here and we will be basking in the good weather this weekend at Bohemia Place market


Bohemia has the very best in street food, drinks and artisan traders. Don't forget to stop by our stall and try our authentic hand-crafted skin care products. 

25/6/2022                           9-5pm
Broadway Market                     E8 4PH

Don't stay stuck indoors this weekend, come and enjoy the English weather and go for a stroll this Saturday at Broadway Market. 

Check us out, any skin care questions you are welcome to ask.

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