Meet JasAnn Organics…..Jasmine and Annie for those who didn’t know. 

Midwife and Nurse by background but friends for over 15 years, I think it’s fair to say we have come along way since being teenagers.  We have since shared a passion for travelling and have been fortunate to visit beautiful sights around the world including; Ghana, Brazil, Thailand and parts of the Caribbean just to name a few. We've met some amazing people along the way who have not only made us laugh, but given us an insight into what nature really is. 

As they say…no holiday is complete without trying the local produce and this doesn’t just mean food. Seeing first hand, how some produce are grown, harvested and turned into something wonderful has made us more conscientious in what we support. We have researched nature’s plants, oils, fruits and vegetables to discover there healing properties and health benefits to create skin care products you can feel confident in using.

Now both currently working as health visitors, we are regularly faced with questions regarding skin care…eczema, cradle cap, dry skin, sensitive skin, itchy skin you name it we’ve heard it. We have trial and tested our ingredients to perfect the right combinations for skins appearance and integrity. Not all soaps that smell great are great for skin but with JasAnn Organics, we have achieved both. Whilst we are not 100% against medicinal prescription based creams we DO believe in three things. 1) What you apply to your skin 2) eat and drink and 3) how you care for your skin plays an important factor in healthy skin.

JasAnn Organics started in 2019 and as the years go on, we hope to build a community of like-minded people who are Eco-friendly, innovative, fun and believe in the value of having great skin using natural resources. Not only do we pick the finest ingredients, our packaging is equally important and therefore we are a reduced plastic brand. We pledge to use reusable and biodegradable materials to preserve Mother Nature and help you to reduce waste.

Support small but see BIG differences…..Check out some of our reviews if you don’t believe us.

Our Aim 

We believe it is important to know where your cosmetics are from and we regularly travel to Ghana and other parts of the world to source our products and support small communities abroad. We continuously aim to learn traditional natural methods to give you great, youthful and healthy skin. All of our products are packaged in recycled paper.


If you would like to do your bit for the planet, why not purchase one of our beautiful and authentically designed Eco-friendly toiletry bags which can be reused. If you bring it along to one of our markets, instead of taking a paper bag, we will deduct 10% of your total purchase. We don't believe in harming our skin nor do we believe in harming our planet.


We aim to do our bit to reduce waste and sustain a healthier planet. 






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