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Store Policy

Customer Care/ DISCLAIMER

All of our products are 100% natural, we do not use any artificial ingredients or chemicals however we still cannot guarantee that you will be free from an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients. Please read all ingredients carefully to ensure you do not have a sensitivity or allergic reaction.

All of our soaps contain Shea butter which is produced from the Shea nut (Tree nuts). Although the nut itself is not used, the Shea butter is derived from the nut. Research has shown Shea butter should be safe for people who are allergic to nuts. We would however recommend any nut allergy sufferers to carry out a skin patch test before use. If you have used Shea butter before, it is still advisable to carry out a patch test as each company is different.  

We advise that you always try a skin patch test when using a product for the first time. Please wait for 24 hours and if you have no reaction, you should be safe to continue using your product.

Please keep all products out of the reach of young children and babies. If your child accidentally swallows any of the products we advise that you contact your local GP/Hospital.

Please store all products in a cool dry area and do not use after the expiration date.

Privacy & Safety

Demographic and personal information (name, address, bank details)  you share on our website is provided voluntarily. The information you share on our website will be treated with confidentiality and professionalism but we cannot be responsible for any errors or omissions. Please take care when providing bank details and do not be coerced into making purchases without your consent.

We do not share your details with third parties and we will only use your information to complete and send purchases as well as send you promotional offers via email.

Jasann Organics disclaim any liability arising from the direct or indirect use of our website. Please be careful when accessing our site in public areas to avoid breech of information on a shared platform. Please ensure your device is free from any viruses or harmful components.

Any defects detected on our website will be addressed directly. We will continuously check and update our website to ensure it is running efficiently.

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