Oatmeal & Calendula – Wash every morning using a soap bar that is subtle but packs a huge punch to eczema prone skin. Perdectly paired with calendula, we infused this herb into our oil to release it's healing properties. Our soap bars also contain ingredients including; Shea butter and jojoba oil to give your skin the moisture and softness it deserves.


More and more people are being tormented with itchy and cracked skin. It is important if you haven’t already done so to find out what triggers your ‘flare ups’ ie, weather conditions, potential food allergies, dust etc… this way it can be better managed.


Note: Would be advised to use two times a day - morning and night if you suffer with eczema or excessive dry skin.

Oatmeal Soap Bar


    • Using clean hands, hold your soap bar and work it into a nice lather using water warm water (overly hot water can dehydrate the skin)
    • Rub your hands or soap bar in circular motions across your body and face *Avoid eyes
    • Rinse of the lather and repeat again to remove any excess oil and dirt
    • After washing, pat skin dry. (Avoid vigorous towelling as that can also damage the skin’s barrier
    • Use a moisturisersing cream to continue to lock in moisture and prevent skin from cracking.